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Joyce Tham

Former HOD, Chemistry – school in the Bukit Timah area
MEd, Psychology and Education, University of Cambridge


Award-winning former teacher – school in the Tampines area

Sandra Chan

Former level-head, English – school in Central Singapore

Ong Siu Jun

Former level-head, Math – school in the Bukit Timah area

success tutors
success tutors
success tutors


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reliable tutors
reliable tutors
reliable tutors
reliable tutors
reliable tutors
reliable tutors
reliable tutors
reliable tutors

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All of the home tutors whose profiles we are featuring below have a proven track record in delivering at least 2 grade jumps within a semester after tuition started with them


“As a PhD candidate at NUS, I guess I can safely say that I love being in the academic sector! I have been giving home tuition for 5 years. My own PSLE score was only 236 and I was very disappointed. I became very determined to score as many As as I humanly could in secondary school and junior college. Subject mastery is important, but study skills are more essential for true success.”


“When you use my study method, you will have increased memory recall, and sharpened skills in research, argument and analysis. I myself used this method throughout my studies at RGS, and I will be happy to share this with you.”


“Time management and patience are important. The typical student will of course choose to spend more time watching dramas, online gaming or go out with friends. I can show that all these are possible, when combined efficiently with their studies. There are study skills that I use for myself and my grades are usually near the top of the class at NUS even though I am not extraordinarily bright nor hardworking.”

Siew Eng

“Chinese and Math are my strongest subjects, probably because of my academic background and also strong family influence. With Math, I have the ability and passion to solve very complex concepts. I am effectively bilingual in English and Chinese.”


​​”Both the tutor and the student have to work together to realize their mutual goals, which of course is improved grades. I provide customized notes for my students, and teach them the exam strategies that have worked well for me. I am doing my Master’s at NTU now.”


​”When teaching physics and mathematics, I use my academic background as an engineer to explain to my students how textbook knowledge can be applied in real life. We discuss developments in wireless charging and solar panel technologies.”


“With a step-by-step logical and structured approach, I take complex topics and break each component into clear, understandable parcels of information. This way, you gain mastery in your subject.” 


“It is so important for students to get the foundation right. My preference is to teach academically weak students, and watch their grades and confidence increase. This is my best contribution to them – that they believe that they can do well and be streamed to better classes.”


“I have 4 years of tutoring experience teaching Math and Science at all primary school levels. I am very familiar with the school syllabus, and I know what is required in the exams. Armed with these, my students focus on the important parts of the curriculum, and they excel in exams.”


“With a step-by-step logical and structured approach, I take complex topics and break each component into clear, understandable parcels of information. This way, you gain mastery in your subject.” 

Wee Chian​ 

“​I am studying at the NIE and teaching is my life-long career goal. I help students who are academically stronger to stretch even further and obtain higher grades. I provide materials for them to practice difficult assignments of a higher level. At each session, I guide them to think from a different angle to solve challenging questions.”


“As I am working with young and impressionable minds, I encourage them to believe that they can do well in Science, even if their grades before tuition with me were not good. When we work together to fill their learning gaps, the subject becomes a lot easier to score well in.”


“The amount of homework that I give to my students depends on how much their school teachers have already given to them. I will be strict if students fail to complete homework – mine or the school’s – and will relate this to parents. I also hope that parents can share more about their child’s habits, likes and dislikes, and attitude – as this really helps create a more engaging and fruitful lesson.”

Ying Chu 

“Students are able to understand the basic concepts when doing practice questions, but most of them have difficulty in clearly expressing the concept once the question is worded in a different way. This causes them to lose marks. Or worse, fail. In addition to giving my students customized answer templates, I also explain the points that I had summarized in my notes, and how to think analytically.”


“When appropriate, I share real life experiences with my students, to show them why their textbooks contained information that they must study. I often update and discuss with parents about their child’s progress, weaknesses and ways to improve.”


“During the 3 years that I have been a full-time tutor, I became aware of the weaknesses and problems faced by my secondary school students. I am quick to remedy them as soon as I notice them, so that my students can understand the content and do well in the exams.”


“As an undergrad at SMU, I know how my students feel when they need to have tuition on top of school work. I developed my own very effective mind maps so that during tuition, my students can quickly understand what a particular chapter involves. We also discuss key concept questions until my student is confident that he/she completely understands, before we move on.”


“After I graduate from NTU, I am choosing teaching as my sole career path. I have been an English tutor for the past 2 years. One of my students had borderline passes when I started teaching him in Secondary Three. When he scored an A for his “O” Levels, I felt tears in my eyes. Nothing in the corporate world can give me this type of pride and sense of achievement.”


“Geography and Economics are very complex subjects. Many students find that the crucial principles are difficult to interpret. To address this, I provide extensive notes to my students, so that they can easily grasp the key points and achieve higher grades during exams.”


“A typical tuition session with me consists of going through the previous lesson’s homework, revisiting the things they could not understand when in school, teaching new concepts, and attempting workbook questions together. Reasonable amount of homework is given to students to reinforce the concepts that they have learnt during tuition.”

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