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Joyce Tham

Former HOD, Chemistry – school in the Bukit Timah area
MEd, Psychology and Education, University of Cambridge


Award-winning former teacher – school in the Tampines area

Sandra Chan

Former level-head, English – school in Central Singapore

Ong Siu Jun

Former level-head, Math – school in the Bukit Timah area

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Every year since 2005, parents and students have trusted Success Tutors because we are the most professional tuition agency in Singapore

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Singapore’s most competent tutors have joined Success Tutors because we carefully match their unique skills and achievements in each of our assignments

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immediate tuition assignments
immediate tuition assignments
immediate tuition assignments
immediate tuition assignments
immediate tuition assignments
immediate tuition assignments
immediate tuition assignments
immediate tuition assignments

Tuition Assignment | Tuition Jobs In Singapore | Tuition Assignments East | Tuition Assignments North | Tuition Assignments West

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Tuition Assignments Singapore is the tutor outreach arm of Success Tutors, to ensure that our tutors get the perfect number of good assignments. Be sure to check out Tuition Assignments Singapore, to see even more assignments!

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Yee Wan

Throughout primary and secondary school, I enjoyed Higher Chinese. There was so much I wanted to share with my students. And it is really gratifying to see how they blossom. At the first lesson with one of my students, she told me that she hated Chinese. I showed her many aspects of the language and culture that she had never thought of, nor encountered. Now, she waits at the door for me to arrive, and she feels motivated to do well.  Tuition does not have to be stiff and boring for my students and for me.

C Teo

Seven of my friends teach students from Success Tutors. I was curious, so I enrolled. My first assignment started that same week. It was a good match, and because we had such good chemistry, my student put in a lot of effort. I taught her the same study skills that I myself used when I came across a very difficult chapter…or awful school teachers.

H Nair

Teaching 10 hours a week is a good balance for me, because my work in the bank is quite intense. Growing up, I never had a home tutor because of tight family finances. Now, I am able to afford small luxuries for my parents. And watch my students’ grades steadily improve.


I never thought that by teaching JC2 Chemistry that my own grades in Chemistry would improve so much. It all boils down to understanding how and why we learn. When I helped Kian Tai with difficult concepts, I was able to see which ways I should improve on my own studying techniques for my Master’s degree at NTU. Definitely good for him, and for me.

Jek Tong

I can keep my own academic skills practiced and alive. This allows me to develop and maintain my own expertise and subject knowledge, because I am a teaching assistant at SMU.


I am a current MOE teacher at one of Singapore’s top schools. Success Tutors always manages to find students that are easy to work with. Their homes are near mine, so that really helps reduce travel time.

Immediate tuition assignments daily, for you to choose from

Instead of spending hours looking for assignments, we can quickly get you started in being a tutor. All you have to do is to state your requirements and preferences. 

Be your own boss

You set your own private tuition fees, and you use your own methods to teach and develop your students. 

This is so much better than other traditional jobs where your working hours, income, and tasks are decided by others.

Nurture young minds, and have a steady income

The job is suitable for you because you have gone through major exams yourself and will therefore have the skills to teach that subject very well. 

Tutors in our team

We hire tutors with excellent organizational, interpersonal and communication skills. 

When you become a tutor, you take an active part in your student’s life. 

What are Lead Tutors?

Lead Tutors have worked as a tutor for at least one year, whose students/parents of students have given strong recommendations for their teaching ability. 

They are highly motivated and exceptional tutors. Their fees are between 30% to 80% higher than other similar-age tutors.

Our students

Our students are aged between 7 to 24 years old. Some of them are preparing for major exams. 


You choose only the assignments that fit with your own schedule. 

You can select students who live near you, or at a location that is convenient to you. 

Select from a wide range of immediate tuition assignments. 

Every day.

 Pick your own working hours 

Our tutors teach between 2 to 20 hours per week. 

Some of our popular tutors also teach on from 9am to 6pm on weekends, in addition to some weekdays.

We know that our tutors have busy agendas. Unlike most other jobs, tutoring is extremely flexible and really works around you and your students’ availability. 

You are completely in control of how little or often you work, although many tutors find that they build up such a good rapport with their students, they want to work more and more hours. 

It is all up to you.

 Should I be concerned if I do not see immediate progress?

To get the most out of tutoring sessions, encourage your student to be an active participant. 

Tutoring can increase an overall understanding of the material and help improve course grades depending upon the time, energy, effort and commitment made to the learning process. 

Progress is made by working together over a period of time.

It is difficult for students to make changes if they are not aware of a problem. 

If your concerns persist or get more serious, please do discuss them with your student’s parents.

Enjoy an extremely rewarding experience

The rewards of private tuition are not only financial. Our tutors frequently tell us about the satisfaction they feel when they help students reach their target grades and improve their confidence in difficult subjects.

We also hear that when a tutor helps a student conquer mind-blocks of barriers, the tutor in fact reveals a new way of looking at the problem, or gives a fresh perspective to the solution.

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